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Matcha Tea Accessories

All Matcha Tea Accessories are imported from Japan
and Made In Japan

Matcha Scoop Holder

Matcha Scoop Holder

Matcha Bamboo Scoop

Matcha Scoop

Traditional Matcha Scoop made by bamboo, also known as "chashaku"
Traditionally matcha scoop which is made by bamboo also know as "Chashaku". - See more at:

Traditionally matcha scoop which is made by bamboo also know as "Chashaku". - See more at:

Matcha Black Bowl

Matcha Bowl

This matcha bowl are intentionally in irregular shape

Matcha Mini Tea Canister

Mini Washi Canister by T7 TEA

it can holds up to 40gram Japanese Green Tea Powder
Made of Japanese "Washi" Paper. This canister as known as ceremony matcha tea caddy

Matcha Stainer can in Black Color

Matcha Tin 

Made in Japan (imported). Very Elegant look. Great for both home and office use
Tin plated with stainless steel mess screen.
It comes with both black & tame colors
Tin Plated Aluminum with Stainless Steel Mesh Screen - See more at:

Sakura Washi Tea Canister - Japanese Tea Tin

7oz Washi Tea Canister (Sakura Flowers)

it holds up to 7oz of most Japanese Green Tea

Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Matcha Whisk

make your traditional style with Matcha Bamboo Whisk

Visit T7 TEA website for more details. Can also call us at 972-886-8970.

All photos here are properties of T7 TEA & its affiliated. @copyrighted 2014

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