Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Pu Erh pearls teas | Shu puerh from China

Pu Erh pearls | Shou ( ripe or cooked)

Shou (ripe or cooked) puerh; unlike traditional pu erh cakes, the extra large size of this unique pearls tea perfectly shaped for a different tea brewing experience.  It is earthy, smooth and comforting.

Shou Pu Erh

The large balls are nice that you can drop just one into tea infuser and don't have to worry about measuring.

Little more about pu erh teas; There are two types of pu'er tea: sheng ('green' or 'raw') and shou ('ripe' or 'cooked'). Our Pu Erh pearls teas are shou pu erh; which is riped or cooked.

Steep at 212° for 5 minutes.

this tea contains a high level of caffeine

compare to traditional Pu Erh the shou is not as dark. When brew, it color is slightly darker by comparison to most teas. What I love the best of this teas is that it is pretty smooth, Like puerh tea, check it out... if you like to sample our teas, simply give us a call or write to us... for more info visit Puerh Pearls Tea at T7 TEA website. For tea lovers in Dallas, you are free to visit T7 TEA mini showroom for tea tasting. ( appointment appropriate)